Govan Shipyard

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Fairfield Shipyard (1834-1972)
Govan Shipyard (1972-)

Served by the Fairfield Shipyard Railway.


1834 - 1968, Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company
1968 - 1971, Upper Clyde Shipbuilders
1972 - 1977, Govan Shipbuilders
1977 - 1988, British Shipbuilders
1988 - 1999, Kværner
1999 - present, BAE

The shipyard was served by rail from the Govan terminus which then used the street tramway along Govan Road to reach the shipyard. The shipyard had its own locomotives, including two electric using overhead wires along Govan Road. One may have been built and used here before being going to be used at Pinkston Power Station in 1939.

The ^Titan^ crane here was by William Arrol & Co. Demolished 2007.

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  /  /1876Govan Branch (Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway)
Access to Govan Shipyard and Linthouse Shipyard over the Vale of Clyde Tramways using locomotives approved - if approved by Board of Trade (approved).