Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd


  /  /1906Scotstoun Shipyard
Construction begins. Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd main yard relocated from London to a new greenfield site on the River Clyde.
  /  /1920Sir Harold E Yarrow
Owner of Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd, moves from Fairlawn, Ralston Road, Bearsden, to Craigend Castle.
  /02/1968Upper Clyde Shipbuilders
Upper Clyde Shipbuilders created by merger of Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company (Fairfield Shipyard), Alexander Stephen & Sons Ltd (Linthouse Shipbuilding & Engineering Works), Charles Connell and Company (Scotstoun Shipbuilding Yard) and John Brown and Company (Clydebank Engineering and Shipbuilding Works). The new company had a majority shareholding of Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd.
  /04/1970Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd
Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd leaves Upper Clyde Shipbuilders.
  /  /1974Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd
Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd buys the Elderslie Dockyard from Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd.