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Glenwhilly (1877-1965)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway.


Glenwhilly was a station at a remote location in farmed moorland. Glenwhilly Farm, for which it is named, is to the north.

The main station building, on the southbound platform, was also the Post Office for the area (and later the local telephone box sat out front). Despite closure to passengers in 1965 the building remained standing until the 1980s. It was a single storey similar to that still standing at Barrhill located directly to the south of the signal box. Beyond this, to the south, was a railway cottage. The southbound platform for Stranraer remains relatively intact but the northbound platform has been removed.

The line was, and is, single track and a passing loop remains open here today. When opened there was only one platform, the remaining one, and the loop. The loop was lengthened in 1937 to accommodate 12 coach trains and the second platform added. The platforms were considerably shorter than the loop.

There is a permanent way siding, at the north end, east side of the line, which was the goods siding serving a loading bank with cattle pens.

The signal box, replaced around 1905, still stands on the southbound platform. Token exchanges still take place here, carried out by hand although this line was fitted with tablet catchers previously. The loop is one of few remaining locations with a distant semaphore signal.

Between trains it is a quiet spot. The main road from Stranraer to Ayr and Glasgow follows the coast, to the west, passing by Ballantrae.

To the north, between Glenwhilly and Barrhill, is Chirmorie Summit (690 ft) which is the summit of the line between Girvan and Stranraer.

To the south are the tight reverse curves of the 'Swan's Neck'.


There is something of the appearance of the Highlands to this area. Smaller hill perhaps but just as bleak in the midst of Winter, indeed historically trains have been trapped nearby in heavy snow.

Despite this the area has been long populated, there are cairns, hut circles and field systems on the surrounding hills, particularly to the west.



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  /  /1937Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Second platform is added at Glenwhilly and the loop is extended to 12 carriages.
  /  /1947Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Southbound train becomes trapped in snow south of Glenwhilly. After two nights passengers are taken to Glenwhilly. The train was stuck for a further 3 days.
06/06/1965Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Pinmore, Pinwherry, Glenwhilly and New Luce stations closed.
  /  /1970Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway
Glenwhilly station demolished.