Glenoglehead Crossing

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Names and dates

Killin [1st] (1870-1886)
Glenoglehead (1886-1891)
Glenoglehead Crossing (1891-1916)

Opened on the Callander and Oban Railway.

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This was the original terminus of the Callander and Oban Railway and located somewhat far away from its namesake the town of Killin which required a connecting stagecoach. Stagecoaches also continued the journey to other points west such as Tyndrum and Oban.

The original station had a single platform, sidings and a locomotive shed. The goods yard was quite large, some it is now lost to road realignment.

After the line was extended north and west to Tyndrum [1st] a two platform station with a loop was installed here. There was a timber building, typical of the C&O early style, later replaced with a smaller one. There was a odd looking minimal signal box (more of a timber framework covered lever frame platform) added at the south end of the down (northbound) platform in 1890.

In 1886 the Killin Railway opened and the station ceased to be a railhead for the village of Killin, it was renamed Glenoglehead. It became unadvertised after 1889. After 1891 it was known as Glenoglehead Crossing and closed to regular passengers in 1916.

The loop remained in use until the line's closure in 1965. This loop would have been a convenient place for a southbound train to wait while a delayed northbound climbed the bank up from Balquhidder.

Today the platforms remain as do two railwaymen's cottages, one on the up (southbound) platform. The true station building was timber and no longer exists. There is a small brick hut which sits in the former goods yard (east side of line, accessed from south).

To the north the fogman's hut at the distant signal can be found.


There was a short lived infectious diseases hospital at Glenoglehead, placed here due to its seclusion.


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