Glenesk Junction

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Glenesk Junction (1838-1964)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway.


This was the junction between the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway's line from Edinburgh to South Esk and its short branch to Dalkeith. The junction was immediately to the south of Glenesk Viaduct and north of the short lived Glenesk station. The E&D later became the northern portion of the Waverley Route.

In North British days the junction was double track. There were sidings on the west side of the junction, approached from the north, these formerly served Glenesk Colliery. On the east side of the main line south of the junction was a loading bank, approached by reversal.

A signal box was located on the east side of the junction. This was replaced in 1917 with another in the 'V' of the junction. The west sidings were modified to serve a new loading bank.

The Dalkeith branch was singled in 1933. The junction remained a double track junction, but the branch rapidly dropped to a single line. It closed to passengers in 1943.

Sources suggest two different fates for the box. Either in 1961 Hardengreen Junction box took over or in 1962 Millerhill Power Box replaced it. The Dalkeith branch closed in 1964.

The Waverley Route closed to passengers in 1969 and this portion closed to minerals in 1972.

The Borders Railway (Network Rail) opened in 2015 as a single track railway at Glenesk.

Glenesk Junction Cottage was to the east of the junction.




05/01/1942Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Dalkeith to Millerhill (Glenesk Junction) closed to passengers.
10/08/1964Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Dalkeith to Millerhill (Glenesk Junction) closed to freight