Glenesk Viaduct

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Glenesk Viaduct (1831-1972)
Glenesk Viaduct (2015-)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway.


This viaduct is also known as the North Esk Viaduct. It is a single arch crossing the River North Esk at a height of 60 ft. The bridge dates from 1831 and currently carries a railway, formerly the Waverley Route which closed in 1969 as a through route and re-opened as the Borders Railway in 2015.

It is not far south of Sheriffhall [2nd] and immediately north of Glenesk Junction.

During the period of line closure the trackbed was converted into a footpath.


Viaduct River North Esk footpath


North Esk Viaduct


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