Bilston Glen Viaduct

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Bilston Glen Viaduct (1874-1969)

Opened on the Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway.


This viaduct was built in 1892, engineered by James Bell, to replace a viaduct of 1874. This is a single track viaduct crossing the Bilston Burn with a 331 ft truss girder, approached by spans on either side. The overall length is 444 ft.

The viaduct fell out of use in 1969, with track being removed in 1972. It was restored as part of a footpath in 1997.

This viaduct replaced a viaduct by Thomas Bouch which had five piers, the tallest at 134 ft high.

Burghlee Colliery (opened 1860) was nearby, beyond the north end of the viaduct, and served by the line. Bilston Glen Colliery opened in 1963, closing in 1989.


Viaduct Bilston Burn footpath


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