Forth and Clyde Junction [Stirling]

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Forth and Clyde Junction [Stirling] (1856-1963)

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Opened on the Scottish Central Railway.
Opened on the Forth and Clyde Junction Railway.


This junction was just north of Stirling station and was formed when the 1848 Scottish Central Railway was met by the 1856 Forth and Clyde Junction Railway.

Both original line and branch were double track, the branch reverting to single at Stirling New Bridge Signal Box. With the original layout trains from the branch could not enter the North British's Stirling [NB] station, the eastern half of today's Stirling station. (Stirling North Junction was not put in until 1900. Connection between the companies was south of the station at Stirling Middle Junction.)

On the western side of the branch were goods sidings and sidings also served, from south to north, malthouses, a cattle market, timber yard and coal yard. On the east side was a locomotive shed Stirling Shed [NB].

There was a signal box on the west side of the junction, 'Forth and Clyde Junction'.

The northern approaches to Stirling were rebuilt in 1900 as Stirling North Junction. The junction with the Forth and Clyde line was moved further north which allowed a cross over from that line to the east side of Stirling station to be comfortably put in. The signal box was replaced with the new 'Stirling North Junction' box. This new box and Stirling North Junction were just to the south of the new Forth and Clyde Junction.

The Forth and Clyde route closed to passengers in 1934. It was cut back to Mye Siding in 1949 (ceasing to be an east-west railway to Balloch Central), was cut back again in 1952 to Port of Menteith. It was cut back to Stirling in 1959, but remained open to serve the goods yards and Cow Park Siding. Stirling New Bridge Signal Box closed in 1963.

After complete closure the alignment of the Forth and Clyde route in Stirling was obliterated by new road building.

Stirling North Junction remains open, now a junction between the Alloa and main lines north.




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