Denny West Junction

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Denny West Junction (1888-1965)

Opened on the Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway).


This was the junction between the Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway) of 1858 and the 1888 curve from Carmuirs West Junction.

A signal box had opened at Carmuirs West with the opening of a curve from Carmuirs East Junction and was now used for this additional curve.

The new curve allowed trains from the south to enter the Denny branch without reversal at Larbert. It opened in the same year as the Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway (the east end of which was at Bonnywater Junction a short way west on the Denny branch).

The Denny line was single track from Larbert Junction. The new curve was double track reducing to a single line just before the junction. A box opened on the south side of the junction with the curve's opening.

The Denny branch closed to passengers in 1930 and the east end of the Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway closed completely in 1935.

The curve from Carmuirs West Junction was singled and the signal box at Denny West replaced with a ground frame in 1959.

The Carmuirs West Junction curve closed in 1965.

The Denny branch largely survived until 1971 as it served the Stoneywood Paper Works. It lasted until 1972 to serve SSEB Bonnywater Electricity Siding.

The location is mostly landscaped now although a depression in the ground remains. Road improvements works have obliterated much of the site.




01/02/1888Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Denny West Junction to Carmuirs West Junction opened. (In advance of the opening of the Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway on 02/07/1888.)
20/07/1967Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Denny West Junction to Carmuirs West Junction closed to all traffic.


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