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Denny (1858-1930)

Opened on the Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway).


This was a single platform terminus, although the line skirted south of the platform and continued west as a goods and mineral line to Herbertshire Colliery Pit No 2, Stoneywood Goods and Carrongrove Paper Mills. The station had a single platform and the line approached from the east.

To the east end of the station, on the north side of the line, was the goods yard with two goods sheds, one immediately by the station and another to the east. The Ingliston branch ran north from the east end of the station sidings and Denny Shed. South of the passenger line were several looped sidings on the line west. The box was at the east end, south side of the line able to control the approach to the station and goods lines. It opened in 1893 replacing an older box 'Ingliston Junction'. (The older box was closer to the junction.)

The station closed in 1930 and the signal box closed in 1934. The remains of the Ingliston branch closed in 1965 and the line west to Carrongrove Paper Mills and east to SSEB Bonnywater Electricity Siding closed in 1971.

The station site is cleared and now a play park, sports centre and grassed area. The station house remains standing, at a slightly odd angle to the surrounding roads. the trackbed east and west is a footpath.


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  /09/1862Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Denny Shed opened to the east of Denny station near the Ingliston Goods after this date. There was no turntable at the shed, but there was one at the end of the Ingliston Goods. Locomotive turning was done on a triangle of colliery lines. A sub-shed of Stirling Shed [CR].
  /  /1898Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Doubling of Denny branch and extension to Ingliston Goods - extension of time to complete.
28/07/1930Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Denny to Larbert (Bonnywater Junction) closed to passengers.
04/10/1971Denny Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Denny to SSEB Bonnywater Electricity Siding (excluded) closed to freight.


Scottish Central Railway (Oakwood Library of Railway History)