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Dawsholm (1896-1908)

Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.


This was the terminus of the Glasgow Central Railway branch from Bellshaugh Junction. The station had an island platform with a building at the north end and a glazed canopy running down the platform. It was immediately south of the Kelvin Aquaduct of the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The two faces of the island platform had loops. The railway approached from the south. Painted on the north side of the upper part of the aquaduct was 'Caledonian Railway Dawsholm Passenger Station'. The signal box was at the south end of the station on the east side of the line in a recess of a steep embankment. The passenger entrance was through the easternmost arch of the aquaduct through which also passed a siding which ran north to the Dawsholm Gas Works, the siding joining the line south of the station. By reversal at the gas works a line could be taken south at a lower level closing to the Kelvin, passing through the second arch from the right, and then over the River Kelvin to the Kelvindale Paper Works.

To the south, on the east side of the line, was Dawsholm Shed, reached by reversal at the former station.

Later a line was installed from south of the station which crossed over the Dawsholm Paper Works line and the River Kelvin to approach the Temple Gas Works from the east.

The station closed a an early date. Although gas works had developed nearby housing in nearby Maryhill and Kelvindale had not yet commenced. For the little housing there was the station was inconvenient being located down on the bank of a river.

After closure the platform was retained for some years and then reduced to a low mount which even survived closure of the railway. Following landscaping it has disappeared. The steep embankment on the east side has been eased. The piers of the two bridges over the Kelvin remain. Of all things, the painted sign for the station can just no more be read painted on the north side of the aquaduct.



Station terminus short lived

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