Corsebar Junction

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Corsebar Junction (1886-1970)

Opened on the Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).
Opened on the Barrhead Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was a double track junction west of Paisley West station. The signal box was above at the top of the cutting on the south/east side of the line, north of Corsebar Road. The junction was south of the Corsebar Road overbridge.

The junction opened in 1886, one year after the Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway). It was the eastern apex of a triangular junction opened with the line to Potterhill. The western apex was Potterhill Junction and southern Meikleriggs Junction.

Paisley West did not open until 1897, just before the branch was extended on to Barrhead Central in 1902.

The branch closed to passengers in 1916. The branch was converted to a single lead junction, with a loop on the branch close to the junction, otherwise a single line. The west to south curve closed.

Paisley West closed in 1966.

The last part of the branch, to Potterhill, closed in 1970. Corsebar junction closed. The signal box was closed.

The Canal line closed to passengers in 1983. It closed between Canal Junction [Elderslie] and Hawkhead in 1984, the portion between Canal Junction [Elderslie] and Paisley Canal [1st] (included) being lifted. (The line re-opened from the east to a new Paisley Canal in 1990.

After closure the trackbed of the Canal line became a footpath in the late 1980s. The course of the branch was obliterated, covered by Lounsdale Road.


Junction footpath