Meikleriggs Junction

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Meikleriggs Junction (1886-1909)

Opened on the Barrhead Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was the southern apex of a triangular junction. The west junction was at Potterhill Junction and east at Corsebar Junction. The lines were all double track. The box was on the west side of the line just south of the junction and Corsebar Road.

The line opened from the triangular junction to Potterhill in 1886. It was extended and opened to Barrhead Central in 1902.

But there was little traffic.

In 1909 it was decided to remove unused lines. The west curve to Potterhill Junction closed ompletely. The east curve from Corsebar Junction was retained, but singled, along with the line to Barrhead Central. The southbound line was retained. The signal box closed.

Closure to passengers was in 1916 and the railway closed beyond Thornley Park Junction (excluded as the Gleniffer Depot branch was still served) in 1917.

Beyond Potterhill was closed in 1959. Final closure to Potterhill, for a Cadbury's depot, came in 1970.

The location still exists, but is overgrown.



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