Central Station Junction

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Central Station Junction (1879-1908)

Opened on the Clydesdale Junction Railway.
Opened on the Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway).


This junction was not at Glasgow Central but around a mile and a half to the south at Gushetfaulds. Here the 1879 approach to Central station via Bridge Street met the existing lines (actually the Clydesdale Junction Railway built short link from Gushetfaulds Junction to South Side [CR].

To the immediate west of Central Station Junction the line passed through Cathcart Road. A further connection at the junction gave access to the Gushetfaulds Carriage Sheds and Sidings, approached from the east and to the north of the Central approach.

The junction was rebuilt in 1908 when the approach to Central was quadrupled with the addition of two further lines on the east side of the existing lines between here and Eglinton Street Junction (also leading to the expansion of Eglinton Street station). With this rebuilding the junction was more or less subsumed by Gushetfaulds Junction. (Cathcart Road station, now renamed Gushetfaulds, also closed.)

Gushetfaulds Junction no longer exists today, the approach to South Side (latterly the Gushetfaulds Freightliner Terminal) having closed.



Chronology Dates

01/07/1879Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway)
Gordon Street lines opened - Central Station Junction (just north west of Gushetfaulds Junction) to Eglinton Street Junction to Bridge Street Junction opened. Strathbungo Junction to Eglinton Street Junction opened.
  /  /1899Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway)
Authorisation to quadruple line from Eglinton Street Junction through Eglinton Street to Central Station Junction.
28/02/1909Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway)
Line quadrupled from Eglinton Street Junction through Eglinton Street to Central Station Junction. Enlarged Eglinton Street station opened.