Gushetfaulds Freightliner Terminal

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Gushetfaulds Goods (1849-1969)
Gushetfaulds Freightliner Terminal (1969-1989)

Opened on the Clydesdale Junction Railway.


This was the main Freightliner terminal in Glasgow. The site began as the goods and minerals portion main terminus on the south side of Glasgow, he passenger station actually called South Side [CR].

The site was laid out with the passenger station on the west side, Gushetfaulds coal siding alongside to the east and goods yard on the fareast side.

The passenger terminus was replaced with the opening of the Gordon Street lines between 1877 and 1879 culminating in the opening of Glasgow Central.

The goods and mineral yard layout was altered, taking advantage of the closed passenger terminus. A signal box was provided at the yard throat on the west side of the line, close to Gushetfaulds Junction.

The box closed in 1922.

The yard continued until conversion into a Freightliner container terminal in 1969. This was electrified with the West Coast Main Line in 1974.

The site was perhaps eclipsed by the Coatbridge Freightliner Terminal and closed in 1989.

The site was cleared slowly. It was used extensively by illegal dumping and remained a large derelict are until the building of the M74 extension which crosses much of the site. Unfortunately this has also stopped the possibility of opening an east to north curve here which could have formed part of a Glasgow cross-rail.


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Gushetfaulds Container Depot


  /  /1857Clydesdale Junction Railway
South Side [CR] station completed. The building was by William Tite and was shared with South Side [GB and NDR]. The mineral depot also opened - Gushetfaulds Goods.
  /  /1965Polloc and Govan Railway
Gushetfaulds Freightliner Terminal opened.