Callander Shed

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Loco shed

Name and dates

Callander Shed (1858-1925)


This shed was east of Callander (Dreadnought) station. It was located at the older terminus, Callander [1st].

It was a stone built two road shed opened in 1858 by the Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway. (There was also a shed at Dunblane Junction, Dunblane.) It became a sub shed of Stirling Shed [CR].

The shed was in the east of the terminus yard. It was located on the north side of the original line and approached from the east over the turntable.

With the extension west by the Callander and Oban Railway in 1870 that line now passed round the north side of the shed. Callander and Oban Junction was to the east. The shed and Callander [1st] were now on a short branch.

The shed remained standing for many years after its official closure. The goods yard remained in use until line closure.

In latter days the line between Callander and Oban Junction and Callander (Dreadnought) ceased to be a conventional double track - instead Callander and Oban Junction was taken out, the line from the east using the former eastbound line to reach the new station. At the former junction there was no connection between the former east and westbound lines. If access to the old station or shed were required the former westbound track was used from the new station to reach the former Callander and Oban Junction which became a headshunt for the old station and shed.

The railway closed in 1965.


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Chronology Dates

  /  /1858Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway
Stone engine shed with two roads opened, Callander Shed. The 40ft turntable was in the station. Sub-shed of Stirling Shed [CR] (Burghmuir).
  /  /1860Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway
The Caledonian Railway installs a 50ft turntable on the entry sidings to Callander Shed.
  /  /1924Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway
Callander Shed closed but remained standing.
  /  /1974Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway
Callander Shed still stood. The site was cleared for housing.