Calderbank Junction

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Calderbank Junction (1855-1923)

Opened on the New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways).
Opened on the Ballochney Railway.
Opened on the Calderbank Iron Works Branch (Monkland Railways).


This was a junction between the Ballochney Railway's Clarkston (West Moffat) branch of 1828 and the later Calderbank Iron Works Branch (Monkland Railways) of 1855. The lines here were single track.

To the east the original line to Clarkston was re-routed to Brownieside Junctionin 1859, to meet the New Monkland Line which opened eastwards around 1860. Colliertree Siding was on the north side of the line, which was approached from the east.

The branch give access to the Calderbank Steel Works from the east, the line approaching the works on an east to south curve.

A loop was added to the west of the junction. There was a signal box here, Calderbank Branch Junction, until 1924.

The original line west to Rawyards closed around the time of the grouping, in 1923. The box closed in 1924.

After closure of the works in 1930 the branch was cut back and served coal mines closer to the junction before final closure around 1960.

Calderbank Junction was to survive a little longer, until 1967, due to the opening of the Boots Airdrie Factory to the north, served by sidings which approach from the east from the junction.

1967 was final closure of this location.




Calderbank Branch Junction Colliertree Siding

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