Bridgeton Central Junction

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Names and dates

Bridgeton Cross North Junction (1892-1956)
Bridgeton Central Junction (1956-1987)

Opened on the Glasgow City and District Railway.


This junction was immediately east of High Street station and visible from the east end of the platforms.

This was the junction for the line to Bridgeton Central opened in 1892.

The junction was renamed around 1956 to reflect the change in the name of Bridgeton Cross [NB] to Bridgeton Central.

With electrification the signal box here was closed in 1960, absorbed by High Street Junction box. This box had been on the south side of the junction, on the heavy retaining wall.

The branch closed to passengers in 1979 when the Argyle Line (Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway) re-opened with a station at Bridgeton. The station and depot were retained.

The depot closed around 1987 and lines lifted.