Aberdeen Waterloo

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Aberdeen Waterloo (1856-1867)

Opened on the Aberdeen Waterloo Extension (Great North of Scotland Railway).


This was the terminus of the Great North of Scotland Railway on extension from Kittybrewster to the Waterloo Quay in Aberdeen. The extension followed the course of the former Aberdeenshire Canal.

The passenger station was in the west of the site with three platforms (the eastern island surviving until the 1960s). There was an overall roof at the buffer end. There was a carriage shed to the north of the site, beyond Castle Terrace.

The goods lines were to the east, with one continuing to the quayside itself. A goods shed was provided. There was no locomotive turntable, probably due to the proximity of Kittybrewster Shed.

There was access by turnplates from the goods sidings to a tramway which ran to Aberdeen Guild Street. This was not suitable for upgrading to a railway and the Denburn Valley Line was developed to connect the two Aberdeen railway systems together, leading to the demise of both Waterloo and Guild Street termini.

Today the site is a goods yard.



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01/04/1856Great North of Scotland Railway
Kittybrewster [1st] to Aberdeen Waterloo opened completely (with horse tramway to the Aberdeen Railway's terminus at Aberdeen Guild street).