David Hutcheson and Co


  /  /1851David Hutcheson and Co
Partnership between David Hutcheson, Alexander Hutcheson and David MacBrayne.
  /  /1852David Hutcheson and Co
First mail contract to Western Isles gained.
  /  /1876David Hutcheson and Co
David Hutcheson retires.
  /  /1878David Hutcheson and Co
Alexander Hutcheson retires.
  /  /1879David Hutcheson and Co
David MacBrayne solely runs company.
  /  /1902David Hutcheson and Co
David MacBrayne's sons David Hope MacBrayne and Laurence MacBrayne become partners.
  /  /1902David Hutcheson and Co
Laurence MacBrayne leaves company.
22/07/1903Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway Highland Railway
Line opened by Eliza Stewart Ellice of Invergarry House. The service was operated by the Highland Railway who were keen to keep the North British Railway away from Inverness. Connecting David Hutcheson and Co steamers operating along the Caledonian Canal connecting the line to Inverness via Loch Ness and the canal. Stations opened at Gairlochy, Invergarry, Aberchalder, Fort Augustus and Fort Augustus Pier. The Lovat Arms and Station Hotel was rebuilt and reopened in connection with new line.
  /  /1905David Hutcheson and Co
David MacBrayne (senior) retires.
  /  /1906David Hutcheson and Co David MacBrayne Ltd
Company re-named David MacBrayne Ltd.