Colvilles Ltd


  /  /1930Clyde Iron Works
Taken over by Colvilles Ltd.
01/01/1931David Colville & Sons James Dunlop & Co Colvilles Ltd
Merger of David Colville & Sons and James Dunlop & Co forms Colvilles Ltd.
  /03/1934Colvilles Ltd
Mossend Steel Works bought from William Beardmore & Co Ltd.
  /01/1936Steel Company of Scotland Colvilles Ltd
The Steel Company of Scotland is merged with Colvilles Ltd.
  /  /1937Colvilles Ltd
Re-structuring begins which will ultimately lead to the construction of the Ravenscraig Steel Works.
  /  /1953William Dixon Ltd
Purchased by Colvilles Ltd.
09/07/1954Ravenscraig Steel Works
Works opened by Colvilles Ltd at a cost of £20,000,000, with 2 batteries of 35 coke ovens, a blast furnace and melting shop with 3 furnaces. Colvilles Ltd older furnaces were to be demolished.
  /  /1958Colvilles Ltd
Govan Iron Works ('Dixon's Blazes') closed.
  /  /1961Colvilles Ltd
Ravenscraig Steel Works fully opened.
  /  /1967Waverley Iron Works
Closed, after being owned briefly by Colvilles Ltd.
  /  /1967Colvilles Ltd
Becomes part of the British Steel Corporation.

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This iron works opened by David Colville and Sons beside the Clydesdale Junction Railway at Crosshill, Motherwell, on lands fued from the Hamiltons of Dalzell.

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The Dalzell Steel Works was developed alongside the existing Dalzell Malleable Iron Works of 1871, the West Coast Main Line (just south of Motherwell station and close to Motherwell Junction) by David Colville and Sons. The malleable iron works were just to the south and now part of the steel works site.

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Aerial view Dalzell Steelworks looking south-east. The works is served by a short branch. ...
Ewan Crawford //
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This reconstruction of William Beardmore & Co^s Mossend Iron and Steelworks was due to the demands of Great War and was in part supported by the Ministry of Munitions. The new works was laid out to the west of the existing works and was on a considerably greater scale. Reconstruction was around 1915.

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This steel works was opened by the Lanarkshire Steel Company Ltd in the 1890s and gradually expanded. The site had an open hearth furnace and rolling mills. It was served by two sets of sidings. From the north were sidings coming from the Motherwell New Lines (Caledonian Railway), built around the same time. That line, before its extension north, was essentially a double track headshunt ...

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This was an integrated steel works in the east of Motherwell. It was built by Colvilles Ltd and opened, not fully complete, in 1954. The works closed in 1992. From its inception to its closure it was mired in politics.

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37310 detail - March 1986. ...
David Panton /3/1986
A shot from 7 March 1992 with the works still in production. Coke ovens can be seen to the left and the BOS plant to the right. ...
Bill Roberton 07/03/1992
Ravenscraig Steelworks from the north. Ironworks and coke ovens to left, BOS centre and rolling mill right. The land in the foreground was once ...
Ewan Crawford //1987
Aerial shot of the obliterated site of the Ravenscraig Steelworks. ...
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