Wilsontown North Junction

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Wilsontown Junction [1st] (1860-1866)
Wilsontown North Junction (1866-1945)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.

Opened on the Wilsontown Branch (Caledonian Railway).

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This was the northern junction of a triangular junction. The other junctions were Wilsontown West Junction and Wilsontown South Junction.

The junction opened with the 1860 Wilsontown Branch (Caledonian Railway) which met the 1848 Caledonian Railway's Carstairs to Edinburgh line.

The branch was approached from the north.

It was a double track junction with an additional loop on the west side. The signal box was on the east side of the junction.

The Wilsontown West Junction to Wilsontown south Junction curve opened in 1866 and a passenger service to Wilsontown from Auchengray began in 1867.

There were railway cottages within the triangular junction.

The Wilsontown north to west curve closed in 1945 and the north box closed.

The main line remains open. The formation of the curve to the west can still be seen, although it is partly landscaped. The cottages are gone.



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