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Wilsontown (1867-1951)

Opened on the Wilsontown Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was a passenger terminus built at the remote mining town of Wilstontown. Collieries here were served by waggonways long before the railway arrived, the Wilsontown Iron Works opening in 1779 (and closing in 1842). Following the closure of the iron works the colliery was bought and new mines sunk. The Caledonian Railway branch opened in 1860 to minerals and goods, and to passengers in 1867.

The station was built just to the west for the former iron works. It was a single platform station on the south side of a loop. There was a goods yard to the east, on the south side of the station, with goods shed. A passenger service ran from a bay platform at Auchengray on the Caledonian Railway main line, the station being to the south of the branch using a curve opened between Wilsontown West Junction and Wilsontown South Junction in 1866.

A signal box (1893) was to the east, with the passenger line to the north and goods yard line to its south. This was a large box, somewhat larger than the station building.

Several mineral lines ran from near the station. The line continued west beyond the station loop in 1869 to reach Climpy Colliery. A line from east of the station ran north west to Wilsontown Colliery Pit No 3 and its coke ovens. A further line ran from east of the iron works site north to Wilsontown Colliery Pit No 9.

The Climpy branch was extended west to Kingshill Colliery No 2.

The passenger service ceased in 1951. The station's signal box closed in 1963. The railway remained open until 1964.

The station site found other uses after closure and has since been cleared.


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