Tweedsmuir Viaduct

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Tweedsmuir Viaduct (1897-1905)

Opened on the Talla Railway.


This viaduct crosses the River Tweed. It no longer carries a railway but does carry a waterpipe. It crosses the river with a 100ft long steel bowstring. The abutments, complete with unused stone tablets, are of fine granite quarried in Italy.

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Viaduct River Tweed

Chronology Dates

  /03/1897Talla Railway
Line construction reaches from Rachan Junction to the incomplete Tweedsmuir Viaduct over the River Tweed.
20/08/1897Talla Railway
Tweedsmuir Viaduct completed and line fully opened.
29/09/1897Talla Railway
Official opening following completion of the Tweedsmuir Viaduct over the River Tweed, the Tweedsmuir Express runs from Edinburgh Princes Street to the future site of Victoria Lodge to inspect works and lay the foundation stone.


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