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Victoria Lodge (1897-1905)

Opened on the Talla Railway.


This was the terminus of the Edinburgh and District Water Trust Service Railway from Broughton [2nd]. There was a platform on the east side of the line with the grand Victoria Lodge itself above to the east, up a flight of steps, and the Talla Reservoir dam to the south.

The station had a single glorious day on the 28th of September 1905 when two special trains ran to the terminus from Edinburgh for the official opening ceremony.

Various temporary lines were laid during the construction of the Talla Reservoir dam. The platform line had continued south at an early stage. By the platform was a loop with a loco shed and water tank beyond. To the east a line rose up on a gradient to reach the top of the dam. To the west lines ran over the Talla Water to various temporary camps, works and sidings.

The line failed to be brought into use for any other purpose other than the dam and pipeline construction and was lifted around 1912.

The platform remains intact. Remarkably much of the ballast, going north, also remains complete with sleeper indentations.


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29/09/1897Talla Railway
Official opening following completion of the Tweedsmuir Viaduct over the River Tweed, the Tweedsmuir Express runs from Edinburgh Princes Street to the future site of Victoria Lodge to inspect works and lay the foundation stone.


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