Broughton [2nd]

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Broughton [2nd] (1864-1950)

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Opened on the Symington, Biggar and Broughton Extension Railway (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Talla Railway.


This was a three platform station, the line is now closed.

The station was originally a single platform station with a loop and platform on the north side. A second platform was added. It was built to replace the terminus Broughton [1st] of the Symington, Biggar and Broughton Railway, and opened on the Caledonian Railway's extension from Broughton to Peebles [CR]. A signal box was opened in 1891 at the west end of what became the westbound platform.

In 1895 a second and third platforms were added, an island platform with the westbound platform to the south of the existing platform and the south face of the island on the line of the Talla Railway which was opened to assist in the construction of of Talla Reservoir. This line remained in use until 1905 when construction was completed. The line remained in place until 1917.

Broughton closed to passengers in 1950. The signal box closed in 1952.

After closure to passengers the line remained open in both directions for goods and minerals until 1954 when the line east closed. The line remained open for goods to serve the slaughterhouse built to the north of the old Broughton [1st] station. A single track remained in the second station, with a buffer at the east end. The line closed completely in 1966.

Portions of the island platform remain today. No buildings survive.


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