Leaderfoot Viaduct

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Leaderfoot Viaduct (1865-1965)


Also known as Drygrange Viaduct.

This is a nineteen arch single track viaduct crossing the River Tweed, 126 ft long.

Access to the viaduct is not possible, being fenced at either end, but the viaduct can be admired from all around it.

Passenger trains ceased in 1948 following severe flooding which closed the line east of Greenlaw as far as Duns.

The viaduct is not far north of Ravenswood Junction where the branch met the Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway), later known as the Waverley Route. A long siding built on an embankment existed at the north end, perhaps associated with the construction.

Nearby the viaduct to the west was the Newstead Roman Fort (Trimontium) and just to its west was the furthest north amphitheatre in Britain, built into the south bank of the river. A viewing platform for the fort exists on the trackbed approaching the south end of the viaduct.

The presence of the Roman fort, and its name, has given rise to the name 'Tripontium' referring to the viaduct and nearby old and new road bridges.




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