Symington [2nd]

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Symington [2nd] (1863-1965)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.

Opened on the Symington, Biggar and Broughton Railway.

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This was a three platform junction station opened with the Symington, Biggar and Broughton Railway. It replaced Symington [1st] around 1000 ft to the south. Between the two station was the goods yard on the east side of the line.

There were two platforms on the main line, the southbound platform being an island the eastern face of which served the Broughton line.

The junction was laid out to allow a train from the branch to run north to Glasgow or Edinburgh.

The main station building was on the northbound (non island) platform and there was a large signal box at the north end of the island platform. Departure could be made from the eastern face of the island to the south as well as to the branch. This platform was equipped with a loop and, at the south end, a turntable and water tank. On the west side were a two sidings.

Land was taken to allow doubling of the Broughton branch, but this was not carried out. The line laid would have been the eastbound had the route been doubled. This preparation for possible future doubling can be seen further east at the Coulter Viaduct where only the eastbound girders were erected but the piers, on the main section of the bridge which crosses the River Clyde, were built to allow double track girders.

Little remains of the station. However a ruined railway cottage remains to the north of the station on the east side of the line.


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