Stobcross Low Level Ground Frame

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Stobcross Low Level Ground Frame (-1966)


There was a yard at the east end of the Stobcross Railway's 1874 goods lines dropping down from Finnieston East Junction to the Queens Dock. The site of this yard is close to today's Exhibition Centre, just to its west. The ramp now carries westbound trains to Partick from Exhibition Centre.

The Caledonian Railway had running powers to Stobcross over the North British Railway's Stobcross Railway.

Exhibition Centre is built on the site of Stobcross station on the Caledonian Railway's Glasgow Central Railway of 1896. A connection was made to the low level yard. The line from Finnieston East Junction to Stobcross was joint NBR and CR.

There was a signal box on the north side of the yard where the lines opened out. It was not a block post, but was controlled signals and points.

Going west from the yard were sidings on north side of Pointhouse Road as far west as Sandyford Street. These were parallel to the ramp line, to its south, and accessed from the yard at the east end.

Several lines crossed to the south side of Pointhouse Road with level crossings. These lines served the Queens Dock.

After the 1890s the lines were extended west of Sandyford Road to serve Yorkhill Quay, Yorkhill sidings and quayside sheds, continuing west serving warehouses and quaysides as far as Yorkhill West Basin.

The yard signal box closed in 1966. The approach from Finnieston East Junction survived until 1969.

With the lines lifted much of their route became the Clyde Expressway. The Queens Dock has been filled in and is now the Scottish Exhibition Centre.


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