Stirling Road

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Carluke [1st] (1843-1848)
Stirling Road (1848-1853)

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Opened on the Wishaw and Coltness Railway.


This station was on the west side of Stirling Road. The station may only have ever been called Carluke (or Carluke and Lanark), whether it remained open or re-opened after 1848 (the opening of the Caledonian Railway which actually reached Carluke) is in doubt. The Caledonian Railway, having subsumed the Wishaw and Coltness Railway called the goods station here Stirling Road.

The line was brought here to serve the Coltness Iron Works, served, approached by a line, Coltness Iron Works Railway from the east side of Stirling Road, from Stirling Road Junction. The station served this and, with a stage coach connection, the village of Carluke and the town of Lanark. A further coach connected Lanark with Carlisle [London Road] station.

The station seems to have had several sidings, approached from the south west. The OS map for 1860 labels it Stirling Road. Two buildings existed on the east side of the line.

Nothing remains to be seen today. The line was open until recent years to serve Coltness Cement Works and the Watsonhead Loading Pad but has been closed and lifted.

The Coltness Iron Works had a coal pit Gillhead Colliery just to the west, served by a private mineral line, the network of lines varying over the years of operation.

Just to the north was Stirling Road Junction where the branch to the Coltness Iron Works left the line to Morningside [1st].

To the south west was the Morningside Incline.


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Stirling Road [Morningside]

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08/01/1842Wishaw and Coltness Railway
Extended from Overtown Road to Carluke [1st] (later Stirling Road) for minerals. (Date is inconsistent with the Chapel opening of 1841 - Chapel was further on from Stirling Road.)


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