St Rollox Works Shed

Location type

Loco shed

Name and dates

St Rollox Works Shed (1880-1916)

Opened on the Buchanan Street Extension (Caledonian Railway).


This locomotive shed opened at the St Rollox Works to augment the smaller shed at Buchanan Street Shed which was in a very constrained site. It also allowed all of the St Rollox Works to be dedicated to heavier repairs and continued locomotive maintenance during the complete reconstruction of the works site.. The much larger Balornock Shed (also known as St Rollox although over a mile to the east) opened in 1916.

This shed was located within the St Rollox Works sidings. It was to the east of the works, north of the original Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway alignment and St Rollox Top Yard. To the north were the further sidings of St Rollox Goods East and the Buchanan Street alignment.

It was a four road shed, with turntable and coaling bench to the east.

The lines north of the old Garnkirk line at St Rollox Top Yard and those south of the old Garnkirk line at the St Rollox Works Paint Shop were used for locomotive stabling.

Nothing now remains, although the approach line for the St Rollox Works runs through the site on an alignment which did not exist when the shed was open.