St Rollox Goods East

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St Rollox Goods East (1880-1950)

Opened on the Buchanan Street Extension (Caledonian Railway).


This goods yard was to the south of the Buchanan Street line and north of the line serving St Rollox Works This yard had cattle sheds, sidings, pens and a group of holding sidings at the east end. The western end was just south of St Rollox station. To some extent it competed with the much larger Sighthill Goods to the north of that station.

The yard was useful when excursions ran from the St Rollox Works, effectively providing further platforms to St Rollox station. It could be useful for stabling stock before it received attention in the works.

A little of the site remained after closure of the Buchanan Street line. The retained sidings being used by MC Metals for train scrapping. The site was cleared in 1997. It is now covered by access roads approaching the Post Office sorting centre and its car park.


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