Shieldmuir North Junction

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Names and dates

Shieldmuir Junction (1901-1998)
Shieldmuir North Junction (1998-)

Opened on the Wishaw, Cambusnethan and Coltness Line (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Wishaw and Coltness Railway.


This is the junction where the single track to Wishaw leaves the main line south east of Motherwell station. The main line is double track, the connecting line is single track.

This was a large junction with many running lines, sidings and branches.

The signal box was on the north side of the junction.

Around 1890 the lines to the west were, from north to south:
- to Etna Iron and Steel Works
- single ended sidings running west
- the main line
- looped sidings running west to Shields Colliery Junction

To the east the lines were to, from north to south:
- a connection to the Wishaw Estate Railway
- the main line
- a mineral line south east to Excelsior Iron and Steel Works, Netherton Iron Works and Clydesdale Wagon Works
- sidings

Further sidings were laid to the west and the single ended sidings looped creating a larger yard between Shieldmuir and Shields Colliery Junction.

A lines was laid on the north side to Whitegates Engineering Works and on the south side to Craigneuk Steel Works, Glencairn Iron and Steel Works and Shields Foundry. These were all approached from the east end of the new yard.

A double track connecting line, part of the Wishaw, Cambusnethan and Coltness Line (Caledonian Railway), opened in 1901 between Shieldmuir Junction and Wishaw North Junction.

The connection to Wishaw North Junction was singled in 1970.

Shieldmuir Junction box closed in 1972, replaced by the Motherwell Signalling Centre.

In 1998 a loop opened on the south side of the main line for the Royal Mail Scottish Distribution Centre. It passes through the site of the former Excelsior Iron and Steel Works. The west end of this loop is at Shieldmuir West Junction (the former Shieldmuir Junction) and the east end connection is made at Shieldmuir South Junction (the former Wishaw Iron Works Signal Box).




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