Camp Colliery Junction

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Camp Colliery Junction (-1967)

Opened on the Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This junction was to the south of Airbles station. Two colliery lines met the Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway), one on either side of the main line. Approach to the mineral lines was from the north.

Camp Colliery signal box was on the east side of the line at the junction at the top of the railway cutting. It originally served Camp Colliery which was just to the south on the west side of the line. A branch to Camp Colliery No 2 opened from the junction to run west to the colliery. This left Camp Colliery in the 'V' of the junction. A further colliery line ran south and then south east to Dalzell and Broomside Colliery. This line later also served Broomside Boiler Works. The box was replaced in 1897.

The box closed in 1967.


Junction colliery