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Names and dates

Wishaw Central (1880-1965)
Wishaw (1965-)

Opened on the Wishaw Deviation (Caledonian Railway).

Open on the Glasgow to Lanark.


This is a two platform station. There is a car park to the north and a modern station building on the northbound platform.

It was opened in 1880 with the opening of the Wishaw Deviation Line. This station was actually in Wishaw unlike its predecessor, Wishaw [1st] station which became Wishaw South.

The station had long platforms (since cut back at the north end) and a main building on the northbound platform. There was a bay platform at the north end of the northbound platform, resulting in the main station building being at the southern end of the station.

There was a goods yard to the east, with a large goods shed, several sidings, loading bank and cattle bank. This line continued a little to the north to serve the gas works. The yard was approached from the south.

The signal box was on the southbound platform. It closed in 1897 with the opening of Wishaw North Junction and Wishaw South Junction boxes, both opened in connection with the new Wishaw, Cambusnethan and Coltness Line (Caledonian Railway) of 1901.

The station was renamed Wishaw in 1965 (Wishaw South had closed in 1958).