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Rothes (1858-1968)

Opened on the Morayshire Railway.


This was a station with staggered platforms and a fine building on the northbound platform, at the south end.

The platforms were linked by a footbridge and there was a large goods yard on the west side, approached from the north with a long headshunt parallel to the Elgin East route.

At the north end of the station had been the junction between the lines from Orton and Elgin East. The line continued south to Craigellachie. This was an important station on the route from Keith to Elgin East via Dufftown.

The station originally had a single platform, on the west side of the line, and a smaller goods yard. It opened on the line from Orton to Dandaleith. The goods yard expanded with the new line to Elgin East and was to expand again. A loop was installed.

The Orton route closed in 1880 and remained as access to Sourden for some time.

Signal boxes, north and south, opened in 1884. The north box was in the 'V' of the junction at the north end and alongside the Elgin route at the north end of its loop and opposite the turn out for the goods yard. The south box was at the north end of the southbound platform.

The north box was replaced in 1898. The south box became simply a gate box in 1934 and the north box became simply 'Rothes'.

The station, remaining box and line closed in 1968.

Sadly, nothing remains of the station. Few hints remain of the station except bridges by which the line crossed the Burn of Rothes (to the south of the station) and Back Burn (to the north).


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  /07/1858Morayshire Railway
Pre-opening inspection of Orton to Rothes line (passed but frustratingly the Elgin to Orton section of the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway fails).
23/08/1858Morayshire Railway
Orton (on the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway) to Rothes opened.
03/07/1860Morayshire Railway
Elgin East to Rothes via Longmorn authorised (avoiding difficulties using the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway's Elgin to Orton section).
30/12/1861Morayshire Railway
Elgin [GNSR] to Rothes opened to freight.
01/01/1862Morayshire Railway
Elgin [GNSR] to Rothes opened to passengers (Intermediate station opened at Longmorn).
05/06/1863Morayshire Railway
Conditional halt added at Coleburn between Elgin [GNSR] and Rothes.
31/07/1866Morayshire Railway
Rothes to Orton closed. Line left in place.
  /  /1907Morayshire Railway
Rothes to Orton track lifted.


The Travellers Joy: The Story of the Morayshire Railway