Port Edgar

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Port Edgar (1878-1890)

Opened on the Port Edgar Extension (North British Railway).


This was the terminus of the short extension of the line from South Queensferry [1st]. It opened in 1878, the year after the Dunfermline and Queensferry Railway reached North Queensferry [1st]. The Queensferry Ferry crossing had be in North British Railway control since 1867 in anticipation of improved railways (South Queensferry [1st] had opened in 1868).

The station was in the Port Edgar Harbour, by the western breakwater pier. The line was single track with the single line running onto the pier and a loop close to the base of the pier. A signal box was on the west side of the south end of the pier. It opened with the line By reversal a siding served the North British Creosote Works to the east on the shoreline.

The station closed in 1890 with the opening of the Forth Bridge which reduced the traffic via the ferry enormously.

Port Edgar Harbour became a naval base in the Great War. Torpedo boats, destroyers and escort vessels were based here. The creosote siding was extended into the base to serve the site and various sheds.

After the war the base survived but was slowly wound down, and the signal box closed in 1929.

The harbour was used again in the Second World War. Minesweepers were based here.

RNAD Royal Elizabeth Yard, a naval stores depot, was located south of Dalmeny South Junction on the line.

The railway closed in 1966.

The base closed in 1975, remaining vessels transferred to Rosyth Dockyard.

Today lines remain embedded in concrete at south end of pier.

Some lines in the base remain, embedded in concrete.


Station terminus


Edinburgh To Inverkeithing.: including The Port Edgar, North Queensferry And Rosyth Dockyard Branches. (Scottish Main Lines.)