Port Dundas Goods [CR]

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Port Dundas Goods [CR]

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Opened on the Port Dundas Branch (Caledonian Railway).


A goods shed was located on the north bank of the Forth and Clyde Canal, on North Spiers Wharf, just to the north west of the Port Dundas Swing Bridge. The branch was generally single track but a long length of two lines ran west from from the swing bridge along North Spiers Wharf, through the goods shed to the sheds at Leith Wharf, Kirkcaldy Wharf and Rotterdam Wharf, where the line singled and there was a short siding. Beyond the line turned north with the canal to the City of Glasgow Grain Mills and Stores and Port Dundas Sugar Refinery. To the east the line ran via Mid Wharf and the St Rollox coal drops to the Glebe Street road bridge over the Junction of Cut canal where a reversing spur gave access to St Rollox Depot.

This part of the branch was built in the 1880s, the goods shed being added in 1891.