Monkton Junction

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Monkton Junction (1892-1949)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway.

Opened on the Monkton and Annbank Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This junction was between Prestwick (to the south) and Monkton (to the north) stations. It is today the site of Prestwick International Airport station.

The junction was formed in 1892 between the 1839 Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway and a new largely goods and mineral line running east to Mossblown Junction, near Annbank, on the 1870 Ayr and Mauchline Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway). (There was a private passenger station at Auchincruive Colliery Platform.)

The new line was single track and doubled just before reaching the junction. The signal box, opened just before in 1890, was on the east side of the line (roughly the location of the waiting shelter on the southbound platform of the airport station).

The line beyond Auchincruive 4,5,6,7 (Glenburn) closed in 1949 and, at the same time, Monkton Junction was taken out, replaced by a new curve from to Prestwick station's goods yard from which there was a connection to the main line. Monkton Junction box closed.

In addition to the colliery the branch also served Prestwick Oil Siding [1st] for oil to the airport. There was no siding, the train simply stopped on the branch.

The branch, and its replacement curve, closed in 1973.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport, since renamed, opened in 1994. Prestwick was renamed Prestwick Town in 1995.

The junction site is entirely obliterated by the new station, however a short portion of the branch can still be seen to the west of Monkton Road, now very overgrown.