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Garliestown [1st] (1875-1876)
Millisle (1877-1950)

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Opened on the Wigtownshire Railway.


This station was the southern terminus of the line in 1875. Note that at the time of opening the town name was 'Garliestown', it has since been abbreviated to 'Garlieston'. The official railway spelling was Garliestown.

A signal box opened at the original terminus version of the station in 1875.

After opening through to Garliestown [2nd], via a reversing spur at what later became Millisle Exchange Platform, the station was renamed Millisle and closed to passengers, the station being was used as accommodation. (The reversing spur was surely a later alteration.)

The station re-opened in 1877 with the extension south to Whithorn. Millisle Exchange Platform opened as the exchange point between the 'mainline' and the Garlieston branch.

The station had two platforms and a passing loop on the Whithorn line with the Garliestown [2nd] line curving off to the east from the north where it met the Whithorn line. Millisle Exchange Platform was to the north. The main station building was on the northbound platform.

The signal box was replaced in 1907.

The station closed to passengers in 1950. The station building still stands and is now a house.

The box and line closed in 1964.




Garlieston [1st]

Chronology Dates

03/04/1876Wigtownshire Railway
Garlieston [1st] renamed Millisle as tramway opened from Millisle to Garlieston [2nd].
09/07/1877Wigtownshire Railway
Opened from Millisle to Whithorn.
01/03/1903Wigtownshire Railway
Garlieston to Millisle closed to passengers.


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