Langton Burn Bridge

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Langton Burn Bridge (1849-1948)


This culvert was just south west of Duns. It was washed away in the floods of 1948 leading the single track hanging in the air.

The damage led to closure of the former Berwickshire Railway between Duns and Greenlaw (where another bridge, the Blackadder Water Bridge was damaged.


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13/08/1948Berwickshire Railway
St Boswells (Ravenswood Junction) to Duns (excluded) is closed to passengers. The Langton Burn Bridge, between Duns and Greenlaw, is washed away and the track is left hanging, bridging the gap. Due to this flood damage Greenlaw to Duns is closed to all traffic. St Boswells to Reston via Duns ceases to be a through route.