Kingmoor Junction

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Kingmoor Junction (1876-)

Opened on the Carlisle Marshalling Yard (British Railways).

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.


This junction is the southern approach to Kingmoor Marshalling Yard and northern exit from Carlisle Kingmoor TMD. It is located north of Carlisle.

Carlisle Kingmoor Shed opened in 1876 to replace the older West Walls Shed which was located a little north of Carlisle station. Access to the new shed was from Etterby Junction to the south. The shed was on the east side of the line. In addition to the shed loops and sidings were laid on either side of the main line, Kingmoor Junction being the northern end of the sidings.

Kingmoor Junction box was on west side of the line at the north end of the loops. Just to the north the railway was crossed by the Border Union Railway (North British Railway).

The box was replaced by a panel box, Kingmoor Power Box, in 1963 when Kingmoor Marshalling Yard opened to the north, on the west side of the line. The new box was on the west side of the line and north of the railway overbridge. A link was made between the northbound lines at Kingmoor Junction and the southbound Border Union Railway line.

Carlisle Kingmoor Shed closed in 1968 replaced by Carlisle Kingmoor MPD on the west side of the line opposite the shed.

Kingmoor Power Box closed in 1973 when it was replaced by Carlisle Signalling Centre during a wider resignalling in advance of electrification.



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