Carlisle Marshalling Yard (British Railways)


This large marshalling yard was built by British Railways to the north of Carlisle on the former Caledonian Railway, now the West Coast Main Line.

Why built

The yard was built from 1959 to 1963 when it opened to marshal long distance trains and trips to and from the many Carlisle goods yards. The very first yard here was built by the Caledonian Railway in the 1880s as a marshalling yard for Viaduct Goods to the north of Carlisle. Space was limited and these sidings allowed sorting and marshalling outwith the cramped site of the viaduct yard.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Northbound yard

Southbound yard

Gretna curve

66121 southbound on the slow line at Mossband Junction. The buffer stop on the right is part of the Longtown complex of sidings. ...
Ewan Crawford 14/06/2010
Northbound 4S44 Daventry-Coatbridge heading north from the Esk Viaduct towards Mossband Junction. Above is the M74. ...
Ewan Crawford 21/02/2011

(Name unconfirmed)

More details

Stainton connection

An Ivatt class 4 about to cross the bridge over the WCML at the south end of Kingmoor Yard with a down freight on the Waverley route, thought to be in ...
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) //1966
Brush Type 4 no 1536 photographed in fading winter light at Stainton crossing on 28 Deccember 1968 with the 8.50am from St Pancras (3.58pm ...
K A Gray 28/12/1968
The bridge carrying the Waverley route over the WCML at the south end of Kingmoor yard in May 1964. The train crossing the bridge is the late ...
K A Gray 23/05/1964
A V2 brings a freight across the bridge over the WCML at the south end of Kingmoor yard in the 1960s heading north on the Waverley route. ...
K A Gray //