Kilwinning East Junction

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Kilwinning East Junction (1890-1947)

Opened on the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.


This junction was immediately south of Kilwinning East station, separated from it by the Howgate Bridge. It was located in a deep cutting with a large concrete retaining wall on the west side, which remains although only the top part is visible today.

It was the junction between the lines to Ardrossan Montgomerie Pier and Irvine Bank Street. A loop line provided an extra platform face at the station for the Ardrossan route, making the up platform into an island - this loop started south of the Howgate bridge.

The location became a junction in 1890 when the Irvine line opened, the Ardrossan line preceded it in 1888.

The Irvine route closed to passengers in 1930 and to freight in 1939. However, the northern part of this remained open as far as Eglinton Slag Processing to facilitate site clearance and removal of the slag and waste. (Note in the George Robin photograph that the Ardrossan route has been fenced off and its trackbed has deteriorated compared with the Irvine route.)

The Ardrossan route closed to passengers in 1932 except for boat trains. The line closed completely in 1947 (it is possible it may have been retained slightly beyond that to provide alternative access to Nobel Explosives.

Kilwinning East to Giffen was singled in 1950.

Kilwinning East closed completely in 1953 with the closure of the Eglinton Slag Processing depot and the line was cut back to Kilbirnie Junction at Giffen.




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