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Parkhill [IandRR] (1864-1868)
Kildary (1868-1960)

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Opened on the Inverness and Ross-shire Railway.


This was a two platform station with the main station building on the northbound platform. There was a loop, the line being single track. There was a goods yard to the south, on the west side of the line, accessed from the south.

The station building was of the style typical of the line, similar to that at Fearn.

There were two signal boxes, opened in 1889. The south box, at the south west end, was on the north west side of the line. The north box was alongside, and to the south west of, the main station building.

The station closed to passengers in 1960. The boxes and loop closed in 1965, the southbound line being lifted. The main building survived closure to become a house, before road improvements of the A9.

The station has been almost entirely obliterated. It was demolished and the site of the goods yard has been obliterated by the A9 running parallel to the line. The only remains are railway cottages which are to the south.

Kildary, a village, is to the north, it was very small when the station first opened. Balnagown Castle, for which the station was chiefly built, is to the north west.

Just north east of the station is the Balnagown Bridge over the Balnagown River.



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