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Ibrox Junction (1868-1970)

Opened on the Govan Branch (Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway).
Opened on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.


This junction opened in 1868 between the 1840 Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway and the Govan Branch (Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway). Ibrox station re-opened at the junction in 1871.

This was the south east apex of a triangular junction. The northern junction was Moorepark Junction and south west Craigton Junction (short lived).

A signal box opened at the junction around 1874.

The main line was quadrupled in the 1870s-1880s. The signal box was replaced and junction rebuilt. After rebuilding the branch lines connected to the slow lines of the quadrupled railway. The new box was in the 'V' of the junction.

From 1903 the branch also served the Princes Dock Joint Railway (Caledonian Railway, North British Railway and Glasgow and South Western Railway).

The Govan line opened and closed to passengers several times (see Govan entry).

The Govan branch closed in 1966, but the southern portion was retained for access to the Princes Dock until 1970.

The signal box closed in 1967 when taken over by Glasgow Central Panel Box. The main line was reduced to two tracks. It has been converted to three tracks.

The site of the junction can still be discerned.



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