Moorepark Junction

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Moorepark Junction (1868-1972)

Opened on the Govan Branch (Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway).


This was the originally northern apex of a triangular junction at the south end of the Govan branch allowing trains to enter the branch from either west (Paisley direction, Craigton Junction) or east (Glasgow direction, Ibrox Junction).

Craigton Junction was taken out. Following this the north to west curve gave access to the Govan Destructor, a refuse destructor.

The signal box was on the west side of the line, north of the junction. It also controlled access to the North British Tube Works (east) and Moorepark Boiler Works (west).

The box closed in 1933, the whole line north of Ibrox Junction going over to yard working. (It had closed to passengers in 1921.