Foulford Junction

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Foulford Junction (1894-1962)

Opened on the Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway).
Opened on the Kirkcaldy District Railway (North British Railway).


This junction opened in 1894 with the opened of the Kirkcaldy District Railway (North British Railway). It met the existing former Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway). Access to the new line was from the south.

Prior to 1894 there was a signal box here for the Foulford Colliery Pit No 1. This was replaced with the new box. Both boxes were on the west side of the main line.

This was a double track junction with the Auchtertool Goods route dropping to single track shortly after the junction.

The approach to Foulford Colliery Pit No 1 was by a second junction immediately to the south, controlled by the same box. A line from this ran parallel to the main line southwards to the Cowdenbeath Colliery where it passed under the main line to reach Cowdenbeath Colliery Pit No 7 and Cowdenbeath Colliery Pit No 8. Later the National Coal Board's Central Works were here. A yard on either side of the main line to the south of the box was developed, all approached from the north.

The line east to Auchtertool Goods closed in 1937 but the box remained open until 1963.




03/03/1896Kirkcaldy District Railway (North British Railway)
Line opened as a goods relief line between Invertiel Junction (Kirkcaldy) and Foulford Junction (Cowdenbeath) with a goods station at Auchtertool Goods.