Dunrobin Castle

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Names and dates

Dunrobin (1870-1871)
Dunrobin (Private) (1871-1965)
Dunrobin (1985-1993)
Dunrobin Castle (1993-)

Station code: DNO National Rail ScotRail
Where: Highland, Scotland
Opened on the Duke of Sutherland's Railway.
Open on the Far North Line.


This is a single platform station close to Dunrobin Castle [Castle], located in the north of Golspie. It is noted for its station building (really a private waiting room). Unusually the station is not publicly owned, but by the Sutherland Estates.

The station was, from 01/11/1870, briefly the southern station of the Duke of Sutherland's Railway to West Helmsdale (which was extended further north on 16/05/1871 to Helmsdale).

It ceased to be a terminus when the line was extended south to make a connection at Golspie on 19/06/1871. Following the opening of this extension (and the incorporation of the line into the Highland Railway) Dunrobin became a largely private station for the Duke and Dunrobin Castle on 19/06/1871 until closure in 1965.
Some public use was made of the station from time to time. Despite being a private passenger station for much of its life the station was a public goods station.

The station building is the second, the earlier being more log cabin in nature. It was replaced with the present building in 1902, by architect Laurie Bisset. The building was near derelict, windows and doors were boarded over, when repaired for the station re-opening in 1985. This usual and fine small building is largely timber, painted black and white and has decorated gable ends at either end. There is a timber awning on posts over the platform entrance.

In the 1980s the Royal Scotsman made calls at the closed station on Mondays. In July 1984 excursions called, with limited local advertising. The station re-opened on 30/06/1985.

A disused bay platform exists to the north of the station, with a disconnected track being recently laid into it. A carriage shed, Dunrobin Carriage Shed, existed north of the station, being removed in the late 80s/early 90s. This was accessed by reversal from the bay. The Duke of Sutherland's private saloons were kept here (see entry). The locomotive was shedded at Brora and later Golspie.

The station had a signal box until 1902 when it was replaced with a ground frame located in the new station building. The box was rustic in style to match the station building. Signalling was removed in 1906.


At the south end of the station a statue of George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (2nd Duke and 20th Earl of Sutherland) looks out over the railway towards Dunrobin Castle [Castle]. He was the father of George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (3rd Duke of Sutherland) who promoted, funded and built the private Duke of Sutherland's Railway (from Golspie to Helmsdale) and was involved with the Highland Railway, Sutherland Railway and Sutherland and Caithness Railway.

George Granville Leveson-Gower was the 1st Duke of Sutherland, who carried out Highland Clearances, and is remembered by the nearby Duke of Sutherland Monument on Beinn a?? Bhragaigh to the west above Golspie.


Dunrobin Castle itself, and its fine gardens, are to the south:Dunrobin Castle




Dunrobin Halt

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Gaelic name: Casiteal Dhùn Robain

Chronology Dates

01/11/1870Duke of Sutherlands Railway
Opened from Dunrobin to West Helmsdale (at Gartymore near Helmsdale).
19/06/1871Duke of Sutherland's Railway
Golspie (Sutherland Railway) to Dunrobin opened, Dunrobin becomes private station for the Duke of Sutherland. West Helmsdale to Helmsdale opened. Highland Railway works line.
  /  /1902Duke of Sutherlands Railway
Dunrobin station rebuilt.
29/01/1965Duke of Sutherlands Railway
Dunrobin closed.
30/06/1985Duke of Sutherlands Railway
Dunrobin re-opened.

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