Dunrobin Carriage Shed

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Dunrobin Carriage Shed (1870-1995)

Where: Highland
Opened on the Duke of Sutherland^s Railway.


This carriage shed was for the Duke of Sutherland's private carriage. It was located just north of Dunrobin on the east side of the line. It was accessed by reversal from the station's bay platform.

The Duke of Sutherland had the right to run his own train from Dunrobin to Inverness. He had his own locomotive 'Dunrobin', kept at Golspie, and two saloons - a day and a night saloon - which were kept in the carriage shed.

The shed was demolished in 1995, many years after track was removed and it ceased to be used.

Night Saloon

The night saloon is 57 ft long. It is now owned by the National Railway Museum [York], but at The Museum of Scottish Railways in Bo'ness.

It was built at the Wolverton Works by the London and North Western Railway in 1899. The well appointed carriage was essentially a prototype for a new Royal Train.

The carriage had a large seating area, three sleeping compartments, a kitchen and a compartment for an attendant.

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Day Saloon

This was built at Lochgorm Works, Inverness, in 1908 and was used with the Night Saloon and locomotive 'Dunrobin'. It is now at the Beamish Open Air Museum along with the locomotive, both having spent some time in Fort Steele, British Columbia, after their withdrawal in 1950.

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